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Extreme events across the UK

We offer bespoke displays, workshops and audience participation from professional athletes trained in Parkour / Freerunning,  break dancing, trampolining stunt wall  and Volt Tour our new all electric action show.

We love to inspire movement through our unique rigs big and small with our  professional athletes.  Whether it's through extreme live  stunts shows, product advertising  or simply just putting on a draw dropping performances and workshop.




Choose from our unique shows designed to bring the energy to every event. 

Audience participation is also a big part of what we do, whether it's getting everyone involved with cheering for our team, choosing the winner of their competition to standing under our crazy athletes while they attempt an insane moves. With UK champion athletes we know we can put on a great show.  It's not for the faint hearted.

Media & Advertising

With over ten years experience working on many different projects our team have worked in many different sectors bringing to life different products. 

We have worked with high end brands, local businesses and everything in between. So whether you're looking to advertise we can adapt to what you need.

Many of our athletes have also appeared in films, television shows and belong to various casting agencies. 

There is nothing they can't do!

We draw in a large crowds of spectators and inspire the public to get involved.

The equipment we bring isn't just for the professionals, we bring equipment, safety mats and coaches to provide a unique opportunity to take part in the marvellous sport you have just witnessed.

Workshops are a big part of what we do, whether it's parkour, wall trampolining and now onewheel workshops. Click on Volt Tour to find out more.

Activities we Deliver