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Freerunning is all about agility, flexibility, power, strength and precise co-ordination as the athletes flip and leap across any obstacles in their path.

With over 18 years delivering workshops we have brought this element to our performances offering workshops for the ages 6 + to Give Parkour Ago

Our Parkour rig has changed over the years to insure the athletes get the most out for the peromancess and workshops.  The unique rig can include the van to offer a higher position for the athletes to do bigger moves and allow for more of the audience to see. 


 The show includes a compere, PA and can fit into your event’s timetable, performing up to 4 times a day with each show lasting up to 30 minutes. 

Watch as our athletes battle it out in a friendly competition to see who can put on the best run to win over the audience or have a planned routine.

Optional Workshop after each show for ages 6+ to give parkour a go and learn from the pros themselves. 

Volt Tour
nEW 2023

Volt Tour is the world's first all-vehicle action show using EUC, E-Bikes, E- Scooters, one wheel and electric mounting board on various different ramps and boxes to showcase the skills with the very best riders in the UK.


This year alreaady we have been showing off our skills with three UK champions for their chosen E-vehicle in Fully charged Live. Volt tour was an idea to take our bike show and make it new and exciting with more power but still with the sustainable impact as a regular bike show by using solar to charge all the E-Vehicles. Allow your audience to see riders launch themselves off our 7ft ramp into our new airbag landing ramp while showing off their skills or keeping it ground level and trying some trickier moves on the various different mini ramps and boxes. 

Trampoline Wall stunts 

Bring a new level to your event with British champion trampolinists jump off a 3m meter high platform and flipping there way back to the top. 

The team have a fun and jaw dropping approach when putting on a live show while on the wall and trampoline. 

This show is a unique look at wall trampolining with our athletes excelling expectations while scaring and amazing your audience from a hight. 

Portable trampoline is fully customisable with and without a van attached as a platform for the wall. 

Unique rigs can be made.

Screenshot 2019-06-24 at 19.05.16.png
Air track Acrobats

Stunning acrobatic shows incorporating high-end parkour, acro-balance, tricking and cheerleading skills using a custom AirTrack

Features a carefully selected team acrobats who deliver a high energetic display tailored to your event

Our athletes put on an amazing acro-shows, audience participation, workshops to learn the basics and experiences on the AirTrack

A wonderfully energetic entertainment option for sports brands, sporting events, experiential product launches and more


Choose from your favourite urban sports, including unicycle, parkour, trials biking.

Fully customisable show with lots of audience interaction, including PA system, number of performers and sports.

Rig can be compromised to be as big or small as you need. The performance van can also be used. 

Perfect for smaller events and kids’ parties, and act can even offer prizes to spectators. Doesn’t have any complicated staging requirements - can be performed almost anywhere.

Urban Dance


Breaking, also called breakdancing or b-boying/b-girling, is an athletic style of street dance from the United States.


These explosive shows are spontaneous, full of energy and can be performed in a variety of different types of venues, locations & spaces both indoors and outdoors.


Shows can be either freestyle or fully choreographed depending on the type of event. 

We offer workshops and master classes in street dance styles for all levels of ability.

Requiring no set up of equipment, this show is adaptable and versatile. It can be performed on a stage, dance floor or any other hard standing area.

Workshops can be offered after each performance.

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