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One wheel workshops with Luke from Volt tour our worlds first all electric action show.( VOLT TOUR PAGE )

2023 we launched the UK's first one wheel workshops in Camp kindeling and Camp wildfire festival to allow customers to experience snowboarding without snow and live the dream of riding the hoverboard from Back to the Future by using a self-balancing electric Onewheel and learn to float over any terrain”

It was amazing to see so much hard work finally working as we seen so many people from ages 6+ joining in and wanting to give it ago again. 


Mounting boarding

New to festivals offering all terain mouting baords workshops with experinced instructors ready to deliver workshops for ages 6+ and all levels with mini ramps and challenges to take on. 

Dont have a hill well with role in ramps and pump ramps we can help with that to offer a unique workshop.


BBring quailified coaches to your event with over eight trampolines we can accomidate hourly sessions upto 30 participants giving trampolinining ago.

Not your garden trampolines and with level three coaches we can provide the British standard session with ouir coaches delivering a high level workshop.



Freerunning is all about agility, flexibility, power, strength and precise co-ordination as the athletes flip and leap across any obstacles in their path.

With over 18 years delivering workshops we have brought this element to workshops for the ages 6 + to Give Parkour Ago

Our Parkour rig has changed over the years to insure the athletes get the most out for the peromancess and workshops.  The unique rig can include the van to offer a higher position for the athletes to do bigger moves and allow for more of the audience to see. 



Blaster battle

With Paintball standard inflatbles we are able to offer mutltple games with up fourty participants at one time. 

With Thousands of soft darts for our nerf guns we can provide a multi game exciting workshops for ages 8+

To find out more please get intouch 

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Air track Acrobats

Stunning acrobatic shows incorporating high-end parkour, acro-balance, tricking and cheerleading skills using a custom AirTrack

Features a carefully selected team acrobats who deliver a high energetic display tailored to your event

Our athletes put on an amazing acro-shows, audience participation, workshops to learn the basics and experiences on the AirTrack

A wonderfully energetic entertainment option for sports brands, sporting events, experiential product launches and more

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